About the Journal

The Professional and Organizational Development Network has been germinated from a working committee that was appointed by the Ministry of Universities more than 20 years ago to organize and plan for activities to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in higher education. The working committee had a wider vision for professional and organizational development that the Ministry suggested that we should be working as an association with a wider scope of work. So, the Association of Thailand Higher Education Professional and Organizational Development Network was established and has been working from 17 year ago, with support from the Ministry of Universities or now the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation-MHESI until now. We organize annual conferences, throughout the year workshops on various topics needed for the higher education academic community. The network published many books to update our members on new paradigms in teaching and learning for 21st century. The Network is getting more committed members who contribute to our scope of work. However, we have not had our journal that will publish and update our members including our international colleagues in our career path as university professors.

Starting from the first issue of our journal, New Horizon in Higher Education (January-June 2023), we hope that our international advisory board and our editorial board will get manuscripts from the international academic community sharing their research works, cases, or innovative ideas on policy and management. Learning from a wider community, we hope the journal will fulfill our commitment in enhancing higher education around the world.


Journal of New Horizon in Higher Education invites manuscripts on a wide range of topics including:

  • Higher education policy and curriculum development
  • Lifelong learning
  • Adult education
  • Teaching and learning for 21st Century
  • Pedagogic innovations
  • Multicultural and intercultural distance education
  • Technology enhanced learning
  • Inclusive education (special education and indigenous education)
  • Educational policy and leadership
  • Educational Human Resources development
  • Educational environment
  • Business, Administration, and Management in EducationEconomics in Education
  • Institutional accreditations and rankings
  • International Education and Exchange programs
  • Equity, social justice, and social change
  • Organizational learning and change
  • Professional development in all aspects

Journal of New Horizon in Higher Education welcomes manuscripts, written in English, in the following categories:

  • Research articles
  • Academic articles
  • Book reviews


Publication Frequency

Journal of New Horizon in Higher Education is published biannually: June and December

Peer Review Process