Buddhist medicine to Millennium Injuries


  • Srihan Kanishka Ariyasinghe International research fellow


Buddhist medicine, Millennium Injuries


Sri Lankan Buddhist history is coming from the time of its introduction in 250 BCE in the reign of King Devaanampiya Tissa and became the national religion of the Sinhalese from that date. There was a wide range of religious beliefs and practices, different from one another in that time, and each individual seems to have freely observed his religion according to his belief. However it is well to find out the social and cultural development of the Sinhalese during the two centuries their acceptance of the Buddhist religion. Now it is needed to see about ‘Millennium injuries’ in Sri Lanka and the world scenario. Researcher says suicides, sex traffics, rape cases are the biggest disaster that we are facing, and it is called ‘Millennium injuries’. All said injuries are created by mental disorders. When we focus on current condition in Sri lanka, we can see a very different social, cultural condition. This research is based on above mentions factors .Buddhist monks, educators, university students, professionals, youth were entitled to perform this research. Researcher exploited the factors that influenced for the cultural and social changed rapidly. As the outcome of the research, researcher says that asymmetric between education system and careers, promoting marketing Buddhism rather than Theravada Buddhism, lack of motivation to practice Buddhism(ex: low number of meditation centers), breaking the family network and being individualism in the society. Further researcher strongly recommended the preventive measures to overcome millennium injuries. There should be a strong mechanism to take Buddhism to general public .The Sri Lanka ancient golden Sinhala-Buddhist concept is called “Village-Temple and Lake-Sthupa” should be rebirth. Investing dollars to mental development programs ,Youth community based Buddhist discussion, Implementing Buddhist social projects to around the country to children, youth, and elders ,Buddhist rehabilitation tasks, awareness and meditation programs for prisoners, promoting family problem solving, programs Promoting Buddhist learning opportunities, International Buddhist relationship to implementing international and national level researches and get those current human problems to the general forums to discuss and get an action, Networking global images to Buddhist projects are proposed by this valuable research.


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