The Significance of the Right View (Sammāditthi) in Theravada Buddhism


  • Santhad Chanthathong Mahachulalongkornrajvidyalaya University, Thailand


Right View, Significance of Sammāditthi, Theravada Buddhism


The objective of this Article is to propose a significance of the right view (sammāditthi) in Theravada Buddhism. Based on the noble eightfold path, although each factor of them is individually important; but the right view is a highlight of the middle path as it is a header of them. Based on the threefold training, the right view is placed on group of wisdom. The wisdom is compared with a weapon for eliminating the defilements. The other factors of the middle path would be contributed completely depended on the right view. The listening to others (paratoghosa) and engaging the mind (yonisomanasikāra) are required-factors of it, meanwhile, without being a good friend (kalyānamittatā) the right view would be not completed by its function. Finally, the right view in Theravada Buddhism can be classified into two divisions, the first one is belief in the individual ownership of action or belief in law of karma (Kammassakatā-saddhā); and the second is the right view (Sammāditthi) in the noble eightfold path. Among two divisions of the right view, the first one classified to be mundane right view (Lōkiyasammāditthi) and the second one honored to be supramundane right view (Lokuttarasammāditthi) as leading to the end of sufferings.


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